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PDF Converter EliteIntroduction

PDF Converter Elite is a desktop application that allows you to convert a PDF document to a variety of formats. It takes an existing PDF and converts it into anything from a PowerPoint file to an HTML code for use on websites.

PDF Converter Elite is a desktop tool that allows you to convert PDFs to different types of editable files, including Word and PowerPoint. We are reviewing this specifically for its PowerPoint functionality.


Installing the application follows a similar process to most desktop applications. The software can be downloaded by visiting the PDF Converter website and clicking on ‘Downloads’. There is a trial version available that is available for 15 days, while the full version costs $99.The free version will allow for up to three pages of a file to be converted each time, whilst the paid one is unlimited.

How easy is it to use?

PDF Elite Converter 3 is easy to use; it’s straightforward and there is a step-by-step guide that talks you through the process as you go. The first step is to import your PDF into the program. Once this is done you will be able to choose what it converts to – there are several different choices of files that can be converted to including Word, Publisher, HTML, images, batch files, watermarked images/text, and of course, the one that we’re most interested in – PowerPoint.

What does it do?

When Elite converter takes your file it will convert it to exactly the same formatting as the original PDF file, meaning that A4 pages will convert to A4 slides in PowerPoint, or likewise for different layouts and file types. This then allows you to edit the file and make changes you could not with a PDF file.

There are advanced features that include converting it to HTML (which is the language used to create web pages), batch files (which are the command used by windows to run a command on the system) and the ability to add a watermark image.

What’s right with it?

PDF Converter Elite is really easy to use, and has clear instructions outlining how it works. It converts accurately, including text. Text content is imported in separate text boxes on a slide, meaning you can edit your slides a lot more easily. Another feature of this tool is that you can import pictures from a PDF into PowerPoint. However, this doesn’t come close to producing the quality of images you’d require in a presentation, and even worse, all the images on a slide are treated as one large image, and so have to be separated manually.

We reviewed this product by looking in particular at the PDF to PowerPoint tool. The ability to convert files into a variety of different formats such as PDF to Word could prove extremely useful, as it means you can take existing PDF content and edit text. It’s almost disconcerting just how easy this makes it to edit something that has been saved as a pdf in order to secure it!

What’s wrong with it?

PDF converter Elite literally takes your PDF and turns it into a mixture of images and text. This means that if your content is in a standard layout, the converter will just convert it from an A4 page to an A4 PowerPoint show – this is the biggest issue when using it, as few monitors, projectors or screens are set up to take A4-orientated slides. To get around this problem you have to copy and paste the content into a new set of slides that are set up as you would like to present.

Just dumping content on your slides is unlikely to result in an effective presentation. As the resulting PPT file is editable, they could be made into a set of effective slides. Of course, PowerPoint probably isn’t the optimum format for files converted to pdf, and you would expect this to be more useful for e.g. Publisher or Word Documents – or as a platform to edit static or printed materials rather than to produce a presentation.

All images on a page are saved as one un-editable group; only the text becomes editable. This makes editing difficult for the user as images will have to be separated and repositioned manually, making the process time-consuming. The image quality is also not great, so users should consider re-inserting their images from source files.

Should I buy it?

This tool must be used in the correct way, as keeping exactly the same content when you convert to PowerPoint would not result in an effective presentation. For example, a 100 page instructional document will be full of text and will not engage an audience and they will forget the content. If, however, the file is full of images that could be animated and contained little text, it could be used to develop effective slides. 

PDF Converter Elite is a great tool to use to convert content quickly and easily. It’s really easy to use and can be very useful in the correct way.

PDF Converter Elite is really there to allow you to edit text on documents already produced. I can imagine that PDF Converter Elite would be useful to convert to other formats, particularly Word, for example. If you’re using it for PowerPoint in order to deliver actual presentations, I wouldn’t bother.

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