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Dmitri Tcherevik created MightyMeeting, a cloud based platform that enables the user to share presentations any time, any place – without a laptop. We asked him to explain the thought behind the creation of the software.

So Dmitri, how did you create MightyMeeting? What’s your background?

I’ve been in the industry for a long time. Before I created MightyMeeting, I worked for Computer Associates, where I was responsible for enterprise content management. My role involved developing content management systems for rich media documents, such as videos and presentations.

A couple of years ago, it became apparent that mobility was very important to businesspeople. More and more professionals were using their phones to conduct business. I thought that it would be great if we could combine content management in the cloud with mobile devices, so that executives and salespeople could present any time, any place.

What were the challenges when it came to creating MightyMeeting?

Phones and tablets are very different from PCs and laptops. You can’t run a fully-fledged PowerPoint file on a phone. The CPU isn’t as powerful, but we really wanted to create a full platform on small devices.

Not only that, but you can’t always guarantee a reliable network connection. So we produced a system that can run on a 3G connection. Due to the architecture of the software, we can even allow voiceover IP over a 3G connection.

What was MightyMeeting really designed to achieve? What was the ultimate aim?

The ultimate aim was to enable businesspeople to turn their Smartphone or tablet into a powerful business tool. Devices such as Androids or iPhones are, for the most part, used as simple communication or entertainment devices. We wanted users to be able to communicate in rich ways: verbally, but also to present; locally or remotely. We aimed to help users travel without a laptop, but still to always be prepared to deliver a presentation.

What are you particularly proud of about the tool?

I’m proud of how simple to use MightyMeeting is, and how reliable it is. We were developing the software for a long time – simplicity is not as easy as it sounds! We’re very proud of being able to produce an app with just enough functionality to do what it needs to, without over-complicating it.

Will it be free forever?

We are still going to keep a free version available, and it is likely that today’s functionality will remain at no cost. We will however keep building premium content, which will come at a price. We plan to add the ability to dial out to phone numbers. And we currently only support presentations, but we will add video as a premium service. There will also be support for the growing number of companies running MightyMeeting internally.

Do you plan to allow animation?

Displaying animation requires full CPU power, which is not easy on a mobile device. It was a decision we had to make when developing the software, and given our focus on the mobile aspect, we decided not to enable animation. On a keyboard, animation is a no-brainer. When you only have a thumb to control the slide flow however, removing animations makes the slides far easier to control. In the future, users will be able to present videos, which could be used to display animation. Another option is to break builds down into separate slides, which the user could transition through.

Is there anything else on the cards?

The iPad is by far the most popular platform for MightyMeeting at the current time. Tablets are a great presentation tool, and next year will be the year of the tablet. BlackBerry, HP and Android tablets are all to be released, and we hope to be present in all of them. This will really let our users present at any time, in any place.

We’re also launching a whole new website in January, which we’re pretty excited about.

And finally: What’s the story behind the logo?

mighty-meetingThe logo expresses the way you feel using MightyMeeting – powerful and free at the same time. Actually, the image we had in mind was that of a dog’s face as he sticks his head out of the car window – one of pure excitement.

For more information about MightyMeeting, check out our MightyMeeting review.

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