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pixorial-reviewOn-line Video Editing for the Beginner

Irwin Hipsman, Director of Customer Community, Brainshark.

2010 saw the explosion of personal video cameras. Companies such as Flip Video and Kodak offer top-selling cameras with a USB connection. For less than $200US, just about anyone can easily shoot, upload and distribute video. But: who wants to watch unedited video? In the first of a 2-part series, we will look at on-line video editing using Pixorial, followed by on-line audio editing.

Pixorial allows users to upload, edit, manage and share videos on-line. The advantage of editing on-line is that it can be done from any computer. Your content is stored in the cloud and not just on your computer, preventing loss of files or theft.

Pixorial offers 3 levels of service. For free, up to 20-minutes of video can be stored or edited; for $9.95 per year up to 60 minutes can be stored or edited; and for $49 per year an unlimited amount of video can be stored or edited.

Videos are kept in one of two tabs.Picture1

Step 1

New video clips are imported  to the Library from your computer. There are two types of editing, Trim and Split.


if you want to Trim, I suggest going straight to Producer. Trim lets you choose a new starting and ending point by moving the orange icons. The triangle icon can be confusing, but it denotes where the video will start playing in the editing process. Once trimmed, you can add their music or upload your own. The camera-recorded audio cannot be deleted, but the volume of the camera audio and your audio can be easily adjusted.
Any changes made are not saved, but when you move the clip to the Producer, it will create a version with your changes.


Split is another firm of editing in which a video can be split into, let’s say, 3 separate videos, so that you can discard the middle.  Splitting can be done in the Library. Just move the triangle icon and choose Split Here. When you move the clips into Producer, you can put the first and last clip back together.
In both Splitting and Trimming, when the forward and reverse icons to the right and left hand of the play button are Green, you can advance or go back a moment. This lets you be more precise with editing.


Step 2

Go to Producer and choose Picture2. You will be sent to the Library and can move video clips into Producer . Once in Producer, clips can be dragged and organized in the storyboard area, transitions from clip to clip added, and titles inserted between video segments or superimposed.

When done choose save. The finished video will still be in editing mode in the Producer tab. You can either continue to edit or process.


Picture8Processing moves the finished video to the Library for sharing options. If you are hosting a video in Brainshark, choose download. The file will be sent to you via email, and once downloaded will result in a Quicktime mpeg4 video file that can be uploaded into Brainshark’s on-demand web presentation service. Once in Brainshark, your videos and other content can be viewed anytime and anywhere on a PC (viewing can be measured, and polls/tests and personalization added), mobile device, and hosted on YouTube.

My opinion

I have been using Pixorial for 18-months and have had them talk about video editing on our customer webinars. They are based in Boulder, Colorado and their support is quick and friendly. Until recently, I found the user interface to be somewhat challenging, but worth the effort. Now, their recent enhancements make Pixorial a very viable tool for someone with limited editing skills. Their service reminds me of Shutterfly, in that they generate revenues from complimentary services such as creating DVDs of your video.  There are higher end on-line editing tools such as Jaycut which are designed for the experienced video Producer. However, companies such as Pixorial that arefocused on the consumer offer capabilities that appeal to higher end dabblers like me.

Low-cost cameras, tripods, microphones and now on-line editing have democratized video and the quality of what the average person can create will continue to get better and better.

Irwin Hipsman is the Director of Customer Community at Brainshark.

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