Presenting Slides

presentation-skillsIf everything a speaker is going to say is already written up on a slide, the audience reads the slide and ignores the presenter. No amount of presentation skills training will get around the fact that the slides are undermining the presentation. Effective slides use animations to control the flow of information.

This section shows how presenters can time the delivery of their presentation for optimum effectiveness, and control the pace at which information is presented to ensure maximum impact.

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    4D Presenting

    20th October - Presenters should control the timely control of information on screen in order to captivate the audience. Present in 4D so that the audience don’t know if slide or presenter is leading.Presentation Skills

  • presenting-a-quotation

    Presenting a Quote

    23rd June - Quotes can be an important part of any PowerPoint presentation. But if the audience can read for themselves, what’s the best way to present a quote without patronising and annoying your audience? Presentation Skills

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    Presenting a Graph

    22nd June - Graphs are used in PowerPoint to reinforce an argument, or to draw out a conclusion. Present a graph by bringing in axes and setting the scene, showing before, showing after, making your point. Presentation Skills

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    Presenting a Process

    21st June - Present process slides by controlling what the audience look at, and when. Instead of putting up the entire process diagram at once, bring up parts of the process from start to finish. Presentation Skills

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    Presenting Company Overview

    20th June - A common technique for presenting the capabilities of a company. Present the capabilities of a company by talking around the photographs used to represent different product areas. Presentation Skills

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