Sales Presentation Skills

presentation-skillsPresenting sales presentations involves presenting benefits not features. Go beyond the obvious, to tease out the underlying benefits in the information you present. These presentations show you how.

  • sales tips learnt firsthand

    Pitch Strategies: Incumbent vs. Newcomer

    30th March - Should incumbents pitch differently? How should a company best pitch to retain existing business? This article suggests a number of approaches for both.Presentation Skills

  • sales-2-0-thumb

    Sales 2.0

    29th September - The business world is changing. Old sales practices are high cost, for low effectiveness. How can Sales 2.0 make sales quicker, easier, and more cost-effective?Presentation Skills

  • cold-calling

    Cold Calling 2.0

    18th August - In Sales 2.0, the B2B buyer is in control. So why do many companies still make cold calls? Cold Calling 2.0 identifies the needs of the customer, and ensures that the salesperson finds the right person to speak to.Presentation Skills

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Presentations