Killer Presentations


In this book, presentations guru Nick Oulton sets out a revolutionary approach that will allow you to use PowerPoint to increase the power of your presentations. You will radically increase the chances of them impressing your audience and achieving your objectives.

Using tried and tested principles, this book shows how, through practical, systematic thinking and changing the visual aids you use, you can ditch old habits and bring your future presentations to life in a way that truly enhances the clarity of what you put over.

The book is accessible and practical. It helps you question unwarranted assumptions about presentations and visual aids that can leave your presentational impact stillborn. It defines a logical way to set objectives and put together a presentation that is audience-focused and likely to persuade.

Now in it’s second edition, Killer Presentations will change the way you think about presentations forever, and show you how to make sure your next presentation is engaging, memorable and effective.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Presentations