Presentation Best Practice

With so much advice about presentations, it can be hard to know where to start. What is best practice in presentations?

A great PowerPoint presentation might be built upon an understanding of graphic design, messaging, audience psychology, memory and learning, animation, and presentation skills. Any one of those topics is enough for people to spend a life time mastering. And yet, many of us must stand up and do our best when delivering presentations as part of the “day job”. Not easy.

So, what practice makes for a great presentation? What advice should presenters follow? What hints and tips help make presentations the best they can be?

This section is full of presentation best practice advice and tips for those wanting to rapidly improve their presentations.

  • presentation-logos

    Presentation Logos: The Debate

    23rd December - Company logos in a presentation: Should you or shouldn’t you? m62 discusses whether including a logo on every slide has a positive or negative effect on audiences.Presentation Theory

  • presentation-ideas

    Presentation Ideas

    29th October - Presentation ideas for daring presenters! This list of quirky presentation ideas includes real examples from some great presentations.Presentation Theory

  • presenting-101

    Presenting 101

    18th August - Where should you begin when producing a presentation? Our Presenting 101 guide takes presenters through the process, from initial planning, to PowerPoint design and soliciting feedback.Presentation Theory

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