Presentation Book Reviews

bullet-points-dont-work100s of authors write about presentations, PowerPoint, and visual communications – yet many of these books are based on unsound assumptions, are self-contradictory, or give poor advice. Without a clear theory of presentations and PowerPoint – authors can and do just say what they want. Readers are left to fend for themselves. These reviews of major books on PowerPoint, presentations, and visual communications help readers to decide what to read, and evaluate many of the major insights offered.

  • thinking-visually

    Thinking Visually

    15th February - Thinking Visually by Malcolm Craig sets out diagramming techniques in a theoretical way. How useful are these ideas for producing presentations?Presentation Book Reviews

  • switch


    20th October - Although Switch by Chip and Dan Heath is most typically focused on self-improvement or organisational change, the lessons can be adapted for use in sales presentations.Presentation Book Reviews

  • how-to-win-a-pitch

    How to Win a Pitch

    12th October - How to Win a Pitch by Joey Asher urges presenters to focus on the fundamentals. Your competitors will also have lists of credentials. So how do you stand out?Presentation Book Reviews

  • beyond-bullet-points

    Beyond Bullet Points

    18th May - Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullet Points urges presenters to use a set structure to demonstrate the solution to a problem, without using bullet points. But do full-screen stock images really aid an argument?Presentation Book Reviews

  • slideology2


    24th July - This review finds Nancy Duarte’s slide:ology is a treasure trove of design know-how, but hard-headed slidemongers seeking solid best-practice may lose their way. Presentation Book Reviews

  • brilliant-presentation-thumb

    Brilliant Presentation

    8th May - Richard Hall’s book Brilliant Presentations contains some great material, but one comes away with a feeling of having read much and gained little.Presentation Book Reviews

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