bullet-points-dont-workIf bullet points don’t work, what’s the alternative? Visualisation. Using the principles of successful visual communication, it is possible to display ideas using visuals, instead of text. Identify key information, and find the right visualisation approach.

  • The Power Of Diagrams Thumbnail

    The Power Of Diagrams

    26th October - The power of diagrams to communicate has been realised through the ages. Can you make use of this power in your presentations?Presentation Theory

  • thumb-presentation-images

    Presentation Images

    25th July - Presentation images are essential to an effective presentation, but the wrong ones can be distracting. What images should presenters use in their presentations?Presentation Theory

  • Presentation-Graphs

    Presentation Graphs

    20th June - Presentation graphs can demonstrate data in a visual, engaging way. We outline the most popular types of graph, and when and how they should be used.Presentation Theory

  • visualisation-examples

    Visualisation Examples

    26th November - This article looks at three visualisation examples, demonstrating how messages can be communicated in an engaging, memorable and effective way in PowerPoint presentations.Presentation Theory

  • the-right-visuals

    The Right Visuals

    25th June - The last in a series of four episodes of the Killer Presentation Series, this edition focuses on how using the right visuals makes your presentation engaging and memorable. Presentation Theory

  • art-of-visualisation-thumb

    The Art of Visualisation

    4th June - Effective visualisation is much more engaging for audiences. Use pictures, diagrams, graphs, together with animation, to deliver an effective visual presentation.Presentation Theory

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