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Thursday, November 26th, 2009 0 comments

visualisation-examplesThe Art of Visualisation – Further Examples

As we discussed last time in our article ‘The Art Of Visualisation’,  the idea of using images, diagrams and animation can be a powerful way to more effectively communicate messages within a presentation. This article looks at three further examples of how messages can be communicated in an engaging, memorable and effective way using visualisation as the cornerstone to achieve this.

Visualisation Example Diagram

This visualisation demonstrates the power of using a diagram in a presentation rather than text and bullet points.

Visualisation Example Timeline

This example reveals how events over time can be more effectively displayed in a timeline format.

Visualisation Example Bar Chart.

This slide uses a bar chart to demonstrate how data can be presented more effectively

Effective Presentation

As before, by combining a core message, with simple (but not necessarily basic) diagrams built up with animation, presentations and concepts can be better understood by your audience and more memorable for longer periods.

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