Ultimate Guide to Sales Presentations

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Presentations

m62 has developed a ten page whitepaper ‘The Ultimate Guide to Sales Presentations’. This complimentary resource explains:

  • How to open a sales presentation to engage your audience
  • Why making sales presentations memorable is the key to success, and how to make your messages “sticky”
  • When to use PowerPoint, and when not to
  • The best ways to make your sales presentation interactive
  • How to be a better sales presenter
  • How to gain control over the slides your sales people present in the field

This resource draws on m62′s experience of developing sales presentations for 1000s of clients. Having helped companies large and small increase their conversion rates and their pitch win rates, m62 understands what makes sales presentations effective.

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The presentation was slick and polished it really looked professional. The slides demonstrated the message, making it clear and easy to understand; particularly the complicated graph, which was broken down into simple steps. Much nicer to watch than slide after slide of bullet points! It really did look great.

Paul Armson, Prestwood Software Ltd

Weve gone from using bullet points to using graphics in many different ways, to illustrate our messages. Its a nice feeling to get up to present with slides that are more professionally produced. Improvements were made that wed never have thought of - I definitely feel that I learned something in the process!

Malcolm Smith, Burgis & Bullock

We have had nothing but positive feedback, and the presentation has helped us to win several bids.

Joe McGuiness QFA, Financial Planner, Framework Financial

Find out how m62 has helped organisations like yours make their presentations more effective.

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